What to Do if Your Snake Escapes

141-220x220Do you have a snake for a pet? Snakes are truly beautiful animals, and can be fascinating to watch. They’re also quite notorious for being skilled escape artists! We truly hope this never happens to any of our clients, but there’s always a possibility that you may come home one day and find an empty cage. In this article, your Seacoast veterinarian offers some tips on how to find your scaled runaway.

General Info

More likely than not, your reptilian escapee is still in the house. Start with a walk-through of every room, to see if your runaway is hiding in plain sight. Snakes tend to move along walls and baseboards, so check there first.

Extend The Search

Next, check behind your snake’s habitat, and then look in and behind bookcases, dressers, and other furniture. Don’t overlook spots you think your pet can’t fit into! You’ll also want to look up, and check light fixtures. Couches and chairs need some extra attention: search behind and beneath all cushions and blankets. Inspect furniture upholstery and mattress bottoms to see if there are any rips your snake could have gotten into. Don’t forget to look in tall plants, potted trees, and even the garbage!

Sneaky Snake?

Search in and behind your dishwasher, stove and fridge. Some snakes have been found wrapped around the heating coils in ovens! Look carefully in all your cupboards, especially in darker corners, and check carefully underneath kitchen cabinets for any openings. Don’t forget to examine boxes, file cabinets, and the space behind your toilet and water heater. Shoes, boots, and bags are also possible hideouts.


Still no snake? It’s time to lay a few traps for your little runaway. Start with sound traps. Plastic grocery store bags make noise when moved, so crumple up several of these and put them along baseboards and in any crevices you think may look inviting. Your scaled escapee may give his location away by making noise. If this doesn’t work, sprinkle flour or cornstarch on the floor before going to bed. If your snake slithers through it, you’ll see his tracks in the morning.

It’s worth note that prevention is worth far more than a cure: prevent breakouts by making sure your pet’s cage is very secure!

Do you have questions about your snake’s health or care? Contact us, your Seacoast vet clinic!


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