Is your pet’s oral health receiving adequate attention?
Dental care is about much more than just fresh breath. At North Hampton Animal Hospital, we believe that a healthy mouth makes a happy pet. Our professional pet dentistry services have been put in place to keep your loved one smiling, year after year. Whether it’s an annual exam or a complex oral procedure, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even show you how to keep up with your pet’s dental care needs at home. Tending to your pet’s teeth and gums can go a long way toward a long, healthy life.

Just like humans, pets need their teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to keep plaque and tartar from building up and causing bacteria to develop in the mouth. We recommend bringing your loved one in for a professional exam and cleaning at least once a year.

To further assess your pet’s dental health, x-rays of the teeth and oral cavity can be performed in our clinic.This helps us to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed. If necessary, we also offer advanced treatment of existing oral problems, including loose teeth, abscesses, gingivitis and diseases of the teeth, gums and mouth.
The comprehensive dental services available to patients of North Hampton Animal Hospital include:

  • Dental examinations
  • Dental x-rays via state-of-the-art radiographic equipment
  • Customized dental plan for each patient
  • Dental prophylaxis (thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth)
  • Advanced dental care, including extractions and oral surgery

It’s important to note that pets of all ages require dental care, even those that are well into their senior years. We strongly encourage regular exams and cleanings for older pets, as this can help make the golden years more comfortable for them.

Finally, our experienced team would be happy to show you how to brush and maintain your pet’s teeth at home. Companion animals can be taught at an early age to accept brushing, which can dramatically decrease the accumulation of plaque. In addition, brushing your pet’s teeth several times per week will allow you to check his or her mouth for early signs of dental problems. Oral problems that are identified early and treated promptly tend to have a much better outcome.

Protect your pet’s beautiful smile. Schedule a dental appointment today!