When it comes to your pet’s health, we want to ensure rapid diagnosis and swift treatment. Radiology, or x-ray imaging, allows us to achieve this goal. Our hospital features modern x-ray equipment, which enables us to take clear, accurate pictures of the bones, internal organs and even your pet’s teeth. We also offer specialized services for radiography of the hips. These services allow for fast diagnosis of common problems, such as canine hip dysplasia. Early detection and timely treatment can vastly improve the prognosis of such a condition.

Finally, we provide specialty services for our patients through our close relationships with a network of local, board-certified veterinary specialists. If your pet requires highly specialized diagnostic procedures, such as ultrasonic, endoscopic, and cardiac examinations, we’d be happy to refer you to a nearby facility.

Are you concerned that your pet may be sick or have become injured in some way? Give us a call right away. We’ll work with you to get the answers you need.