Turn Halloween Into Wag-O-Ween

Turn Halloween Into Wag-O-WeenCommunities are always looking for ways to bring people together, have a fun time and maybe raise a little revenue for local businesses and a good cause. The southern city of Savannah, Georgia, hit on an interesting way to accomplish those things and get their cherished pets involved as well. Several years ago, they came up with a pet spin-off for Halloween called Wag-o-ween. The weekend before the spooky night of trick or treats, pet lovers dress their precious pooches in costume and take an extended dog walk through the city streetscapes and parks. These are some ways that you can turn North Hampton into Wag-o-ween once a year.

Organize A Stroll

Many business organizations create strolls that bring residents together and people enjoy things such as food samples, street musicians, and charitable donations. A Wag-o-ween event can appropriate much of the same planned pathways as a stroll. It’s just people and pets after all. Wag-o-ween events tend to be in the daytime and that allows people to gather and enjoy each other’s company at area parks. So, follow an established stroll route and add in a park gathering spot.

Connect With A Good Cause

Working with a non-profit organization allows people to feel good about participating in Wag-o-ween. Consider connecting with a local animal or rescue organization. It’s one thing to get up on a Saturday morning to take a stroll, but it takes effort to dress yourself and your pet to impress and schedule the day. Doing good works can be a motivating factor to getting a crowd out. Consider asking for a nominal $5 donation from participating businesses.

Promoting Wag-o-ween

For amateur or first-time event planners, promotions have never been simpler. Start a Facebook event page highlighting the North Hampton Wag-o-ween and promote it to pet lovers and pet organizations. Ask others to invite people and business owners to post something in their shops. Wag-o-ween is a very informal event, so don’t worry about participation. Word will spread.

Dress to Impress

The family pet doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to be the center of an entire community’s attention. So, let’s make this special. Make or purchase a fun and fitting theme for your pooch. Common themes are Harlequin hats, Lion King collars and the old “ugly sweater” outfit. Children and adults are encouraged to adorn their best Halloween garb as well.
Check out Savannah’s Wag-o-ween web site for more information. http://wagoween.com/ And remember, North Hampton is just as pet-friendly as our southern neighbors.

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