Spotlight on Your Senior Dog’s Health

dog12Your twelve-year-old terrier Jack still thinks life is a grand adventure. He has always been a bundle of energy, although he has recently ramped down his activity level. Since you want him to stay healthy, you’ve asked your veterinarian North Hampton to give your dog a thorough physical exam. Notify the vet if you’ve seen changes in Jack’s food or water consumption. Report any altered urination or defecation habits, along with unusual behaviors. Learn more about senior dog care.

Senior Dog Nutrition

Jack has always enjoyed his nutritious adult dog diet. This tasty blend included top-notch protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Jack still needs these nutrients, although the proportions might have changed.

Jack must decrease his calories to match his reduced energy expenditures. If your dog required a targeted diet for a medical problem, your vet could supply that specially formulated food.

Essential Vaccinations

Although Jack has aged, he still needs protection against dangerous and infectious canine diseases. After reviewing your dog’s age, lifestyle, and health profile, the vet will give Jack the appropriate shots.

Consistent Dental Care

With healthy teeth and gums, Jack can savor his food and enjoy a better quality of life. You don’t want him to suffer from untreated painful dental disease. Also, some dental problems could eventually lead to internal organ infections.

During each physical exam, your vet will examine Jack’s choppers; and he’ll probably recommend a complete dental cleaning. While your dog’s under anesthesia, the vet will remove nasty plaque, hard tartar, and bacteria. During the procedure, a veterinary technician will closely monitor your dog’s vital signs. Afterward, your vet will instruct you how to brush Jack’s teeth at home. He might also prescribe a dental diet and/or dental chew toys.

Gentle Light Exercise

Since consistent light exercise helps to prevent obesity, ask your vet to recommend some workouts Jack will enjoy. Besides his daily walks, ask about warm-water swims, gentle indoor fetch games, and other suitable activities. Alert your vet if Jack seems to hurt when he stands up, navigates steps, or walks normally. The vet can prescribe therapies and/or medications that can help your dog to feel better.

Jack will enjoy his twice-yearly checkups with your veterinarian North Hampton. The vet will tweak your dog’s health regimen and treat any conditions that have emerged. If your senior dog could benefit from a good health care program, contact your vet.


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