Why Isn’t My Dog Interested in His Food?

dog06Your Labrador retriever Hunter could win a State Fair speed-eating contest. This hefty four-year-old canine virtually inhales his food within minutes, and he steals the cat’s kibbles before the poor feline has any chance at them. Recently, though, your normally ravenous dog has been picking at his meals, leaving the bowl almost full. You wonder why your predictable pooch has suddenly lost interest in eating. You’re also concerned about poor nutrition and a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, your Seacoast vet will give Hunter a complete physical exam and some expert nutritional counseling.

Past-Its-Prime Food

You’ve always provided Hunter with the best food available. However, the kibbles’ expiration date might have passed without you realizing it. The mixture might have even become spoiled. Either way, your demanding dog has put his foot down: he’s not consuming those substandard contents.

Too Many Treats

Hunter has no shame when it comes to obtaining extra food. He fixes those big brown eyes on everyone he meets, silently pleading for a tasty treat…or else he’ll starve. Mealtimes bring some world-class table begging, and he’s also successful at that hobby. Together, these habits mean he’s probably not interested in his own mundane kibbles. Consuming all those extra calories can also result in weight gain. Stop this groveling in its tracks right now.

Undiscovered Dental Problems

Maybe your pooch is suffering from a hidden dental condition. Look for easily seen mouth or facial sores, compromised teeth, or foreign objects that might cause discomfort. However, don’t try to investigate your dog’s mouth, as he won’t cooperate and might become annoyed. Your vet can safely conduct that vital examination, and will treat the underlying problem. Once that’s resolved, your dog’s appetite should return.

Ramp Up the Food’s Appeal

Assuming Hunter is bored with his meals, try two tricks to make them more interesting. Spoon warm water over the dry blend, as this should make it smell and taste much better. If your vet approves, add a little warmed canned food to his bowl. However, don’t let it become so hot that it burns your dog’s delicate mouth.

Once Hunter returns to his food, let him eat without disruptions, and praise him afterward. Your Seacoast vet will be happy that your healthy-eating pooch is chowing down again. If your dog seems disinterested in his meals, call us for expert assistance.


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