Give Your Pocket Pet a Plush, Comfy Habitat

139-220x220Your new pocket pet Harry thinks he’s in hamster heaven. Before you brought this intriguing little guy into your family, you made sure he would have a top-notch habitat. You received expert advice from your North Hampton veterinary clinic, and then assembled a trendy multi-level condo that should satisfy your deserving pet. Any discerning pet rat or gerbil would also enjoy it; however, guinea pigs prefer ground floor apartments. Once your little rodent receives his new patient exam, you’ll introduce him to his well-appointed new digs.

Convenient, Comfy Condo

A spacious glass aquarium, or a heavy-duty plastic enclosure, makes an ideal pocket pet condo. You’ll also find it easy to clean. By securing a mesh screen to one side of your pet’s cage, you’ll provide ventilation that keeps him from getting gassed by urine-based ammonia odors. Since little rodents are accomplished escape artists, firmly attach the screen so your little friend can’t find his way to freedom.

Plush Home Furnishings

Harry would love to scamper through an enticing network of tunnels and tubes. He’d also prefer to escape into a little “hide box” that provides a respite from the busy outside world. While you can buy these accessories at pet stores, your little rodent will be satisfied with paper towel and wrapping paper rolls, and a handcrafted refuge. Shredding the cardboard is harmless, but don’t allow your pet to eat it.

Specially Sized Exercise Wheel

Help Harry stay in tip-top shape by providing him with an exercise wheel appropriate for his body size. If the wheel is too big, he could snag and injure his little feet. If the wheel is too small, he won’t receive much benefit from running on it.

Cozy, Inviting Bedding

Everyone enjoys a nice, soft bed after a busy day. Give Harry some plush, paper-based bedding if possible; however, aspen, oak, or pine wood shavings also work. Stay away from cedar, as it can lead to respiratory difficulties. Change your pet’s bedding frequently to avoid ammonia fumes buildup and mold growth. Store spare bedding in bins in your house. Avoid garage or shed storage, as wild rodents can gnaw their way into your containers.

Your North Hampton veterinary clinic will provide Harry with regular physical checkups and address emerging problems. To steer your pocket pet toward a healthy life, call us for an appointment.


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